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I was very impressed with the team you sent up to do this activity. Joel and his crew were able to quickly and efficiently remove the old tanks and install the new tanks in place. They were prompt and professional with everything they need at hand so for a change we didn’t have to go back and forth getting tools and consumables from MEOMS to assist in the install. Exmouth is not known for the quick, reliable assess to spares so for them to have everything required was brilliant. Even when faced with breakages and disappointment due to questionable servicing status of the equipment they quickly were able to adapt to the changes and repaired some other outstanding faults with the fire system. Joel was all over the permit system and as such the paperwork side went smoothly and more importantly was correctly filled out without my input. The install was done to a high standard and ahead of time and the intense testing proved to be very satisfactory in that the operation of the new nozzles has instilled some confidence with DFI(A) staff in the operation of the system.
Andrew Noordhuis
I would like to mention the work undertaken by Reliable Asset Maintenance (RAM). The level of workmanship has been outstanding but more importantly has been the level of communication between RAM and the customer (me) and the speed of delivery. This small company goes out of their way to provide a first class service and I have never been disappointed. When I receive a call from a RAM Supervisor to advise that they been approved to undertake work on a Work Order that I have submitted I could not be happier.
David Mustard
Facilities & Project Officer
I’m writing to recommend the service of Joel from Reliable Asset Maintenance (RAM). In the last two years I have been appointed as the Taylor Barracks maintenance Warrant Officer this role has seen me take on the management of Service Requests for building maintenance. When I first took over this role it was hit and miss with the quality of repairs/maintenance within Taylor Barracks until RAM started to look after the management of the repairs. RAM has provided an outstanding before and after care that I haven’t seen in my two years as Barracks Warrant Officer. Joel will ring and confirm timings, provide updates on outstanding requests, confirm (in person or phone call) that we are happy with the completed work and he will also conduct quality checks on the work that has been provided. The Trades people that RAM use are reliable, approachable and provide an excellent customer service. I know that it’s hard to find contractors to conduct work at our out stations however RAM has put a lot of effort in to manage solutions to great effect. I have noticed that we have had other companies not arranged by RAM come in to conduct work and the quality of workmanship has not been up to standard and I have had to raise AC547 or put in a complaint thus proving the after care provided by RAM is above and beyond. I would like to ask you to consider RAM for any future works as I strongly recommend the service and after care that RAM provide.
Alex Driscoll
Maintenance Warrant Officer
I wanted to pass on my thanks to the painting team headed up by Marty. Also the staff that gave him the contract! They have done an excellent job on a building that has been neglected for possibly over 30 years. I would be more than happy to have Marty and his team paint the inside of my home in Swanbourne to the same standard. I was expecting a fast, average, government - cheapest bidder job. Far from it, this team was very professional in every way.
Andrew Tabain
Warrant Officer Class Two